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Pre-construction management

The most important part of any project is the information required to tender, construct and manage an installation.
For both clients and principal contractors the pre-construction information is essential to fulfil your requirement under CDM regulations, discharge planning conditions and satisfy requirements for due diligence. Chameleon Energy's complete pre-construction package will aid the smooth installation of any project.
Heallth and Safety

H&S management is essential for any construction project. The information supplied within our pre-construction package is key to the planning and implementation of all relevant H&S regulations and your own H&S guide.


Whether it is traffic management plans, the discharging of planning conditions or producing a scope of works, Chameleon Energy can cover all of the documentation required for pre-construction.


As part of our pre-construction package we undertake full geo-technical surveys, pile testing, boundary and topographical surveys.

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