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Installation and H + S Guides

A key part of managing multiple construction projects is to ensure that the same high standards of health and safety and quality of installation are achieved across all the sites within your portfolio.

At Chameleon Energy we can produce Installation and H&S Best Practice Guides for your projects that are not only thorough but also easy to use and implement.

Installation Best Practice Guide

Installation Best Practice Guides are created upon consultation with your project installation team and are to be used during pre-construction phase for quotations, scopes of work and contracts with both client and principal contractor, as well as during the construction phase for quality auditing and works completion.
Health and Safety Best Practice Guide
A Health & Safety Best Practice Guide for your installation helps with planning, construction and maintenance of the project.  This guide can be used for production of the CPP and H&S file as well as quotations, quality audits and contracts with both client and contractors. Guides are written using the latest applicable H&S regulations in a simple format that is easy to use.
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